What’s The Big Deal About 6 Cylinder Cars?

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Ford Mustang, Audi R18, Nissan GT-R, DeLorean DMC-12 and Chevrolet Camaro are some of the most popular and surely some of the most powerful cars in the world. That’s not the only thing common between these amazing cars- They all also run on V6 engines. Its not a coincidence then that the fame of these fine 6 cylinder cars precedes them by a mile.

What’s the big deal with 6 cylinder cars?

Explained in a nutshell a 6 cylinder engine is a lot more powerful than the standard 4 cylinder engines that are mostly found in commercial vehicles on the market today. An engine is undoubtedly the most important part of an automobile and the number of cylinders that it contains plays a huge part in determining its power. This is because each cylinder has a piston inside of it and these pistons are the ones that are responsible for turning the crankshaft. Which means that higher the number of pistons running simultaneously, larger the amount of power that can be generated in a given amount of time. Essentially they produce more power in a lesser amount of time.

Kinds of 6 cylinder engines

From the above we can discern that more cylinders means more power which is why a six cylinder engine like the V6 for instance, is a lot more powerful than a standard four-cylinder version which is commonly used in consumer cars today. V6 is also the most popular kind of six cylinder engine. The V in the name signifies the shape in which the cylinders are arranged inside the engine. V6 engines are also the kind of engines that have traditionally been favored by automobile enthusiasts not just for the sheer power but also for the satisfying, thumping noise that they produce.

The other type of 6 cylinder engine is referred to as the in-line six engine or a straight six engine. In this configuration all the six cylinders are placed in a straight line at a slightly inclined angle.

V6 vs straight six cylinder cars

The straightforward design of the in-line six configuration makes this engine cheaper to Manufacturer as compared to the V6 variety. At the same time it can produce more torque than the V6 engine and that is why many trucks as well as off-road vehicles employ the straight six configuration.

That being said the in-line six engines do take up a lot of space which means that it often becomes difficult to fit them towards the front of the car and this is why the usage of V6 engines has always been much more popular as their unique compact design makes them perfect for vehicles where there’s need for power but lack of engine bay space. Both these kind of 6 cylinder engines have their pros and cons and their usage depends solely on the purpose of the application.

V6 engines are often augmented with turbochargers as well and that makes them even more powerful. This is often done in an attempt to get them to be almost as powerful as a V8 engine. Such is the versatility and power that they are even used in the top-level of motor racing i.e. Formula One. These are truly the biggest achievement of engine development yet and the way things are going, things will only become better.


What were the Best 4 Cylinder Cars in 2014?

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A big engine would not always mean fast speed. New automotive technology has made a huge impact and engineering has found its way to achieve maximum performance for 4 cylinder cars. These engines are now available in various kinds and they are now widely used to power some of the most good looking and popular brands today.

Four cylinder vehicles have evolved to the point where many models can use them to regularly hit a speed of 150 miles or more per hour. Many auto makers are now using smaller motors to develop classic cars more effectively. These include brands like Ford Mustang. As several clients are not typically looking to push their vehicles to the limit, 4 cylinder engines are more than enough to enjoy the performance they need.

The Best of 2014

Listed below are 4 of the fastest and best 4 cylinder cars:


4 Cylinder Cars – What are the features?

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Features & Advantages of 4 Cylinder Cars!

Cars affect our lives in so many ways. Traditionally, it has been just a status symbol then Green Car Drivers came into picture where car for them is a symbol of concern for the environment. In fact nowadays, car has become a necessity. A recent research shows that 86% of the Americans believe that a car is one of their top needs. Well, this is true not only in America but almost everywhere in the world, especially those who are living in the urban areas. But with the continuous rise of gasoline prices, one must consider carefully what sort of car to use. Aside from determining his or her budget, one has to do his or her homework. One strategy is narrowing down choices to few models. Compare efficiency and mileage.

Considering all these, we recommend 4 cylinder cars. It is affordable and gives superior fuel economy.

The 4 cylinder cars are the most popular engine type among today’s top sellers. These are budget friendly cars. Although they are less powerful than a 6-cylinder engine, they keep the price of the car down.

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4 Cylinder Trucks – What You Need to Know

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Specifics and Overview of the 4 Cylinder Truck

Typically you don’t think of a truck when thinking about fuel economy, but today, the concern of many car shoppers is fuel efficiency. So if you want to go economical, in terms of annual fuel cost and cost of the vehicle overall, a 4 cylinder truck is the way to go. During the late 2000’s, vehicle manufacturers began making efforts to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, because of the rising price of oil and the economic recession, the amount of new cars with inline four cylinder engines increased considerably at the expense of V6 and V8 engines. This is predominantly in mid-size vehicles where the number of buyers to have chosen the V6 performance options decreased considerably.

History of 4 Cylinder Trucks

The amount of cylinders in an engine is an influential factor in its overall performance. Each cylinder has a piston that is pumping within it and those pistons connect to and move the crankshaft. More combustive events are taking place during any given moment when there are more pistons pumping. Which means increased power is generated in less time.

When Japanese carmakers, like Honda and Toyota, began using very efficient 4-cylinder engines in cars approximately 25-30 years ago, Americans started to look twice at the compact engine. The Toyota Camry began selling more than the comparable American models but U.S. car manufacturers continued to produce V6 Engine cars, thinking that Americans were interested in power and performance in their vehicles.

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4 Cylinder Engines – An Overview

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Specifics and Overview of the 4 Cylinder Engine Vehicles

In recent years, there has been an important increase in sales of four cylinder engines and, naturally, a significant drop in six cylinders. In 2010, 47 percent of vehicles ran on four cylinder engines.

So why is four being chosen over six? Fuel efficiency and low emissions have become more of a priority than ever before. 4 Cylinder engines are more fuel efficient therefore satisfying customers that are looking to reduce damage to the environment. 6 Cylinder engines are generally more powerful due to additional thrust coming from the two extra cylinders. In theory, there is a power difference of about 50% between these two types of engines; to improve this, car manufacturers have created the turbocharged engine.

This engine is capable of reaching the power of a V6 engine but does not maintain the fuel efficiency of the standard 4 cylinder engine. These engines have reached a degree of mechanical simplicity, making the cost of production often less than that of engines with six or more cylinders. They are lighter in weight therefore are more commonly found in small to midsize cars.

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Feature and Advantages of 4 Cylinder Cars

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At first you have to know that what 4 cylinder cars are. The cars which contain 4 cylinders are called 4 cylinder cars. It has a strong engine. The number of cylinders which an engine is consisted of is very important. In this sense 4cylinders cars are the one of the best car vehicle. Is has a various features. 4 cylinders cars possess some advantages on other 2 cylinders, 3 cylinders and 6 cylinders cars. If you want to save gas and get high power from your engine you can use 4 cylinders cars.

There are many types of 4 cylinders cars such as Mercedes Benz, Hyundai excel, suzuki swift, Mazda 626 and Mazda 3, Honda civic, Toyota Camry, Nissan pulsar and so on. But the faster 4 cylinder cars areDodge SRT4 which speed is 222.4 miles per hours. Four cylinder cars have high quality engine. The power of the engine is so high. If you want to get high power and save your gas, you will have a four cylinder car. Recently the usage of the four cylinder car has increased so much.

The engines of four cylinder cars are designed considering some important factors such passenger-vehicle power plants, no racing mills,one-off experiments. So the engines of four cylinder cars are very famous for their perfect design.

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