4 Cylinder Cars

Features & Advantages of 4 Cylinder Cars!

Cars affect our lives in so many ways. Traditionally, it has been just a status symbol then Green Car Drivers came into picture where car for them is a symbol of concern for the environment. In fact nowadays, car has become a necessity. A recent research shows that 86% of the Americans believe that a car is one of their top needs. Well, this is true not only in America but almost everywhere in the world, especially those who are living in the urban areas. But with the continuous rise of gasoline prices, one must consider carefully what sort of car to use. Aside from determining his or her budget, one has to do his or her homework. One strategy is narrowing down choices to few models. Compare efficiency and mileage.

Considering all these, we recommend 4 cylinder cars. It is affordable and gives superior fuel economy.

The 4 cylinder cars are the most popular engine type among today’s top sellers. These are budget friendly cars. Although they are less powerful than a 6-cylinder engine, they keep the price of the car down.

Let me show you a simple comparison between Honda Accord 4 cylinder and a 6 cylinder with cylinder deactivation (VCM):

4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder

MSRP $ 28,180 -  $32,380

0-60pmh 10.0 -  7.3

mpg 23/34/27 -  20/30/24

(city, highway, and the average)

Other benefits no timing belt quieter

2 less spark plugs

Less maintenance cost

What does these figure means? 6cylinder cars are faster but that also means you will have to get to the gas station sooner. And by the way, think about this, if you use that 6 cylinder power you can get some expensive speeding tickets. Also beware of the Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) also called cylinder deactivation. It only works if there is no traffic and no hills. For those who knew, VCM is a marketing tool which is a worthless option. As you can see, 6 cylinders are quieter but this car costs $75 for the timing belt, another added cost.

As 4 cylinder car grows in popularity, automakers are enhancing these vehicles by adding more refined engines and luxury features. People who are more particular with acceleration can check out the new turbocharged 4-cylinder engine designs which offer great power as well as miles per gallon. The optional V6 which used to be featured in 4 cylinder cars has been replaced by automakers as it gives extra cost. It has been replaced with turbocharged 4-cylinders that make V6-like power but get more miles per gallon. These turbo 4-cylinders are spreading to luxury cars, as well. Even BMW has dropped the 328i’s iconic 6-cylinder engine in favor of a turbo 4-cylinder.

Buying a car would sometimes mean not enjoying your bonuses or getting another loan, so start making wise decisions. Don’t rush. Make sure you are getting the right vehicle and make the most out of your hard-earned money.

Toyota Prius, Lexus CT, Honda Civic Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and Honda CR-Z are just some of the 4 cylinder cars which you might want to check out. We can assure you that they will give you the best gas mileage.


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